Signature Staffing
Why Signature Staffing

Why Signature Staffing

Working with Signature Staffing

Signature Staffing has experience placing professionals in many phases of the career spectrum. Everyone is a professional in a specific discipline. Our goal is not to learn about you, but to know you. Through a detailed and focused approach, we seek to engage with you so that we can better serve your needs.

Why Professional Recruitment

We offer many ways to engage with our organization as you navigate your next career search. Signature Staffing is pleased to meet with you through traditional methods e.g., personal interviews in our office. We also offer video interviewing, which seeks to mitigate the challenges of scheduling. Signature Staffing is fully invested in creating awareness in the marketplace through Social Media Platforms.

Job Placement – Free of Charge

Signature Staffing is not cost-prohibitive. Our efforts are to serve, and in order to best serve Job-Seekers we offer our professional recruitment services at no charge to the Job-Seeker.

Focused Approach

By working with Signature Staffing you will be engaging with an organization that brings two decades of market-place awareness into the relationship. As mentioned earlier, our focus is to understand your unique and specific situation, so that we can match your skills and expertise with a firm that aligns with your core values.

Why Signature Staffing for Career Advancement?

Signature Staffing brings many years of experience into our engagements, which provide knowledge and insight into searching for your next career. Our excellence in this area is based on:

  • Senior, experienced, professional recruitment consultants.
  • Track record of success in placing professionals with reputable firms.
  • Best-Practices approach that seeks to uphold the cornerstone virtues of Honesty, Quality, and Integrity.
  • Extensive regional business knowledge and leadership connections in every job market.
  • Specific industry expertise and knowledge.
  • National market coverage.
  • Innovative approach, utilizing the latest technologies, while maintaining a perspective on tried and true “best-practices”.

Video Interviews

As an innovative thought leader, our objective is to drive our candidates toward success by utilizing the latest technologies, providing a platform that elevates the job-seeker above the competition. Video Interviewing is the latest technology that Signature Staffing has embraced and integrated into our sphere our influence. Expressing oneself onto a piece of paper is challenging. We provide everyone the opportunity to engage with our company, and our client companies, via a video platform.