A Defining Difference

6 Fun Facts About
Signature Staffing

Since 1998, thousands of workers have found the career of their dreams with our professional staffing services.

We are not fans of the word “temp.” We don't believe any person is temporary.

Many of our client companies have partnered with us for more than 20 years.

From resume help and interview skills training to navigating childcare concerns, we help you find your best future.

Doctors aren't the only ones on call. We are, too! When a company calls us needing professional staffing, we answer—any day of the week, any time of day, workday, or holiday. We feel jobs and job seekers are important.

We’re on fire! Not literally, but we were. In 2004, the original office was a few doors down the street from our current office on Market Street. It caught fire, and everything was destroyed, but we still managed to process payroll on time and fill all orders. Loyalty is special to us.

“I am inspired daily by the technological skills, passion, creativity, and dreams of the emerging workforce in Pennsylvania.”

– Pamela Hill, CEO