Drug and Alcohol Testing

drug and alcohol testing

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Signature Staffing is a 100% Drug Screened Staffing Service.

Common Statistics reflect that people taking drugs present risks to their employers in the following ways:

  • Late to work 3 times more often;
  • Receive sick benefits 3 times more often;
  • Involved in 4 times as many on-the-job accidents;
  • File compensation claims 5 times more;
  • Absent from work 16 times more;

…than the average employee. The benefits of a program designed to screen drug users out of your work place are obvious. And Signature Staffing provides this program to all of our clients as a standard routine of our service and commitment.

For the sake of our dependability, your productivity, and the safety of the entire work force, Signature Staffing has made it our goal to be a comprehensive Drug-Free Staffing Organization.

Signature Staffing has always believed that the staffing industry must be sensitive to the needs of the client, and therefore be willing to offer innovative ways of solving the client’s problems. Our Drug Screening Program is just another example of our dedication to the industry. We stand behind our motto to both our clients and our employees when we say “Quality Is Our Signature.”

"Where Signature is our Quality!"

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