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Signature Staffing provides an opportunity for an employer to assess potential employees and determine if a good match has been made…it is an evaluation period for both parties. At the end of the specified time frame, which is 90 calendar days, if both should decide on a long-term relationship, the employee is simply transferred to the employer’s payroll at no additional cost. This program provides substantial time and cost savings.

Have you struggled with any of the following challenges…?

  • Hired employees and then discovered that their skills and abilities did not meet your requirements?
  • Been concerned about the numerous compliance issues involved in terminating an employee?
  • Had little or no time to recruit, interview, reference check and test potential employees?
  • Had a difficult time locating potential employees with skills that are specialized or in high demand?
  • Not been able to meet your production goals due to the extended time frame involved in the cumbersome and oppressive hiring process?

Signature Staffing handles all the hiring details, from advertising to recruiting, interviewing, checking references, and testing. We are your expert consultant into the employment arena! Signature Staffing is responsible for paying workers’ compensation, social security tax and state unemployment tax. All you do is request the skills you are looking for and pay a weekly invoice. With Signature Staffing, our Evaluation Hire Program will help your company save time and money. Best of all satisfaction is guaranteed!

Signature Staffing is PROUD to say that we offer a 90 Day Temp-Hire Period, with no additional charges once that period is completed. We DO NOT charge Conversion Fees or Transfer Charges and we DO NOT charge for Criminal Background Checks, Drug Screens, Credit Reports, MVR Reports, or any other pre-screening report that you require!

Permanent Hire

Our Permanent Placement Program allows you to streamline your hiring process. Based on your requirements, we will recruit and pre-screen applicants for you to interview for permanent hire jobs.We will work closely with you on scheduling the interview, as well as coordinating the necessary follow up. You then make the final decision on which candidate that you choose to hire.

Temporary Hire 

We realize that from time to time you will have employment needs on a temporary basis. This may be due to special projects, seasonal demands, vacations or leaves of absence. Whatever the reason, we are prepared to assist you by finding highly qualified applicants that meet your specific requirements and satisfy your employment needs. We have staffed many projects over the years, some require hundreds of employees while others only require a few employees, whatever you need, we can satisfy your employment need! Over the years we have had the opportunity to work alongside of clients in developing new and innovative ways to pre-screen candidates for employment. Our goal is to make employment as easy as possible and allow you to focus on your clients!


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