Education and Non Profit


Experience that spans nearly two decades, we bring a deep level of understanding of the unique requirements specific to Educational and Non Profit Organizations.

Through an alignment process with your organization’s core values, we drive the process forward with a candidate recommendation process that fulfills the mission and values inherent to your organization.

Understanding and mindful of the vital, mission-based nature of these organizations, we deliver the highest level of professionalism and service to support your organization in its endeavors.

The process begins with an in-depth study of predominant cultures that exist inside the organization. By working with the client relationship manager, the process is furthered by elucidating the key elements that bring success, as well as illuminating the areas of past failures.

Successful campaigns are produced with a thorough understanding of the firm and its needs. We seek to develop a relationship that is long-term, through a personalized approach, and earn your loyalty by maintaining a professional and anticipatory posture to your firm and its future needs.