Proven Success

Two Decades of Providing Staffing Solutions

Signature Staffing has placed professionals, in all phases of the career spectrum, for nearly two decades. As a beacon of innovation, we have sought out new and exciting ways to better serve those seeking employment. By leveraging the latest technology, Signature Staffing is able to increase brand awareness, which leads to an increase in professionals entering the labor force representing Signature Staffing.

Pairing Old Models with New Recruitment Technology

As a leading organization in the Staffing & Recruitment Industry, we believe it is our responsibility to navigate the complexities of an ever changing job market. Signature Staffing believes strongly in maintaining proven models of success, while allowing for the implementation of new technologies that enhance and drive successful engagements. We believe that our responsibility is to advise the job-seeker of “Best Practices” that will lead to future successes.

Partnering For Success

Engaging with Signature Staffing is a process where a deep and lasting relationship is cultivated. With an approach that seeks to serve, we work closely with you to seek out new opportunities that align with your skills and expertise. By focusing on the job-seeker, we are able to seek out firms that have a strong desire for your partnership.

Resume Building

The banner that carries your credentials before you to prospective employers cannot afford to be sacrificed. At times, resume building can be a daunting task. Signature Staffing seeks to aid in this process by offering a review and if needed, suggested revisions. The hallmarks of a proper resume will contain the following elements:

  • Preparation – Detailed planning is needed.
  • Cover Letter – To personalize your message to the Hiring Manager.
  • Spelling and Grammar – A professional resume does not contain grammatical errors.
  • Honesty – A professional resume does not contain Half-Truths.
  • Lapse – Be prepared to offer an explanation of why there is a lapse of employment.
  • Successful Explanation – Detail areas of success in much detail.

Preparing for an Interview

Many job opportunities are lost during the interview. The simple fact is that too few people engage in practicing their interviewing techniques. By taking the time to process your thoughts and simulate the experience, success will be realized. As those who interview poorly make an impression, so do those who interview well. Accept these recommendations to improve your interviewing technique:

  • Questions – Anticipate and practice your answers.
  • First Impression – There is only one First Impression.
  • Positive Thoughts – Our thought life flows to our physical disposition. Stress of the mind equates to stress of the body.
  • Professionalism – We cannot control our surroundings, but we can control our response to our surroundings. A professional impression is not easily forgotten and will be the standard by which you are remembered.
  • Reflect – Process your thoughts before speaking. A well thought out response is direct and answers the question. When words are many, transgression is not lacking.
  • Follow Up – A hand written note, addressed to the individual[s] you interviewed with, can be the difference between continuing your career search, versus beginning the next phase of your career.