Video Interview Process

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Stand Out to Employers

In a world where technology reigns supreme, the process of presenting your credentials to organizations has until now, remained unaffected. Signature Staffing engages with the latest technological innovations to provide a solution that enables you to present your innate characteristics. These characteristics have traditionally been difficult to include on a resume.

To begin this process, locate a position on our Careers Page and submit a video application.

Video Interviews Can Be Completed On The Following Devices:

  • Desktop Computer
  • Laptop Computer
  • Mobile Devices – iOS and Android Compatible
  • Personal Devices – iOS and Android Compatible

What You Need

Desktop or Laptop Computer

  1. To complete your video interview via a Desktop or Laptop Computer you will need a Web-Cam and Speakers. Most computers come standard with these two elements.
  2. Select the icon that says “Complete your interview via Browser”.
  3. Begin your video interview.

Mobile and Personal Devices

  1. To complete your video interview via a personal device you will select the icon that says “Complete your interview via a Mobile Device”.
  2. Look for an email that will be sent immediately. This email will include your 6 Digit ID.
  3. Download the RIVS Apply app in the AppStore.
  4. Your login information will be your email address. The password is the 6 digit ID found in your email.
  5. Begin your video interview.