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Oct 24, 2016 | Uncategorized

Recently I had the opportunity to interview George Book, Jr., who is the President & CEO of the West Shore Chamber of Commerce. George worked with Signature Staffing in order to find a new Communications Director for the Chamber.

Why did you initially choose Signature Staffing to help you fill the position?

I originally chose Signature Staffing because of their membership with the Chamber and my interactions with Ryan Clift.  I really enjoyed speaking with Ryan and once I explained our situation, he was very quick to come up with a solution that fit our needs.

Do you feel that your needs were met in a timely manner? 

Absolutely.  The turnaround time from initial phone conversation to completed hire was only a few weeks.

What was the outcome of working with Signature Staffing? Did the candidate fulfill your specific needs?

We were able to find a qualified candidate in a short amount of time. Therefore, we were able to get them on board quickly so as to not disrupt the continuity of work within our office.  We found a great fit for not only the position we were filling but also a great fit for the culture of our office as well.

What would you say was the biggest benefit of using a staffing agency?

The biggest benefit for me was that the candidates I was receiving had already been reviewed to see if they would be a fit for what we were specifically looking for.  I did not have to do any “pre-screening” at all.  I was not spending extra time reviewing candidates that were not a fit for our organization.

Would you suggest Signature Staffing to a business owner in need of finding the right employee?

I certainly would!  I think the main reason is that I was listened to and my needs and concerns were addressed from the beginning.  The right questions were asked at the start and we were both on the same page as we began the process.  I also appreciate the fact that every so often I receive a phone call or email to see if we have any other needs.  I really appreciate that personal touch.


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