Executive Search

Jun 2, 2016 | News

Executive Search

Executive Search is one the primary areas of service to our clients. Our commitment to providing customized service along with quality personnel is our signature. Through knowledge of the executive recruiting marketplace, we are able to react quickly to the ever-changing demands of our client companies. Our dedication to deliver the highest level of personal service enables us to continue to build long-lasting relationships.

Industry Specialization

We offer deep industry knowledge in the following areas: Consumer Products and Services, Financial Services, Government, Education and Non Profit, Industrial, Healthcare, Supply Chain Logistics, Professional Services, Technology.

Partnering for Unique Needs

Signature Staffing views every client need as unique and proprietary. While many positions comprise similar elements, they are all individually unique. This requires a detailed and focused approach from Signature Staffing.

The process begins with an in-depth study of predominant cultures that exist inside the organization. By working with the client relationship manager, the process is furthered by elucidating the key elements that bring success, as well as illuminating the areas of past failures.

Successful executive search campaigns are produced with a thorough understanding of the firm and its needs. We seek to develop a relationship that is long-term, with a personalized approach, and earn your loyalty by maintaining a professional and anticipatory posture to your firm and its future needs.

We then develop a strategic approach to identify top level talent to satisfy your needs and drive your organization into future successes.

Recruiting and Candidate Recommendation Process

The Digital Age has given everyone the access to resumes. We bring value to the process with a singular focus on viable candidates. Our approach is to identify the candidates who possess the interpersonal and technical skills that your company requires.

  • Dedicated Service: Our entire organization, including Senior-Management, will work closely with you to understand your unique needs, so as to foster a successful search process.
  • Needs Analysis: We work with you to understand your unique needs to define the search parameters.
  • Cultural Awareness: We seek to understand the predominant culture that exists inside your organization to assist with the candidate recommendation process.
  • Candidate Identification: The approach allows Signature Staffing to determine where your ideal candidate is likely to be found. We develop a deep level of understanding of each candidate through extensive engagements and comprehensive personality assessments.
  • Video Interviewing: Signature Staffing uses a video process that allows you to meet with candidates via a video platform. This process allows candidates and companies to meet at the convenience of all involved.
  • Recommendation: We present only those candidates who are a viable option for your firm. Our assistance in the selection process will continue to the final selection phase, if desired.


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