Transform the Hiring Process

May 19, 2016 | News

Video Interviewing with Signature Staffing

How do I get in front of the Hiring Manager? That is a question that we hear far too often. Signature Staffing is happy to provide a solution.

VISION – Transform the Hiring Process

Our vision is to transform the way in which we approach the Hiring Process. Traditionally, the approach has been focused solely from an Employer Perspective. What if we changed that? What if we made this process more about the Job-Seeker and not about the Company? As a Hiring Company, we want to meet the Job-Seeker where they are at. We want to say – we understand how difficult it can be to look for a new Career. We want to give you, the Job-Seeker, the opportunity to meet with us at your convenience, not ours. Interviewing for positions takes time. It means scheduling time off from your current position. Eroding your Vacation and Sick Time. It means potentially scheduling Child-Care while you interview. Time and Money are spent driving to interviews. With Digital Interviewing, the Job-Seeker can interview at their convenience and from the comforts of their home.

Video Interviewing can be completed on the following devices:

  • Desktop Computer
  • Laptop Computer
  • Mobile Devices – iOS and Android Compatible
  • Personal Devices – iOS and Android Compatible



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